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Keep safety and comfort in mind

There are risks involved in enjoying outdoor activities, whether in Miyazaki or elsewhere.
And there are many risks in the mountains and mountainous activities that we enjoy on a daily basis. Whether you enjoy hiking or fishing for trout, it is most important to be aware of the risks and take appropriate measures.

This time, we will introduce the risks and countermeasures of mountain activities such as hiking and trout fishing.
Our Store encourages our customers to stay safe and have fun. We hope that all of you who have seen it will be able to enjoy various activities safely.

Mountain activity accident

Mountain accidents occur every year in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Get lost and lose track of your route

The most common mountain accident is getting lost and not knowing the route. Even in the warm mountains of Miyazaki Prefecture, there have been cases of people freezing to death due to getting lost in the winter.
In Miyazaki Prefecture, where there are many dense forests, mountain trails are often not clear. Also, in mountains where there are multiple trails, it is possible to take the wrong route without realizing it.

There are also many trails that are difficult to understand.

There are also many trails that are difficult to understand.

Accidents caused by slips and falls

In recent years, there has been an increase in accidents caused by slips and falls.
Due to the popularization of hiking apps, it is also a cause that people choose difficult mountain trails without skill or experience.
Accidents caused by slips and falls often lead to serious accidents.

Understanding the hazards is important

Understanding the hazards is important

Inability to move due to lack of physical strength

Hiking trails range from easy ones to long ones to steep ones. There are also accidents where you can’t move due to lack of physical strength due to overconfidence in physical strength or mistaken course selection.

It is also important to know the degree of difficulty of mountain trails.

It is also important to know the degree of difficulty of mountain trails.

In addition, there are various risks such as heat stroke, poisonous insects and snakes in summer. It is very important to know the risks in order to enjoy outdoor activities safely.

Know the risks and enjoy safely

In order to enjoy activities safely, it is important to be aware of various risks and take countermeasures.

Having fun with experienced people

In order to enjoy it safely, it is important to go out with an experienced person. Also, let’s enjoy safely using the guide as necessary. Going out with an experienced person is not only safe, but you can also learn various knowledge, so everyone’s enjoyment will be greater.

Using hiking apps

Using apps such as “Alltrails” to navigate hiking trails can also help you avoid getting lost.
Make sure you know how to use it well in advance before you go hiking.
Also, if you use a smartphone, you need to pay attention to the remaining battery level. Carry a mobile battery with you to prevent the battery from running out.


Tell family and friends about hiking trails

It is also important to inform family and friends of the hiking course and return time in advance in case of an accident. It is important not to get into an accident, but if you do encounter an accident, it is important to discover it as soon as possible.

Avoid Hiking Alone

It is very comfortable to walk freely alone, but it is difficult to be discovered when you have an accident.
Find friends and enjoy nature together.

Submitting a Mountain Climbing Notification

Submit a mountain climbing notification to the local police when walking on the mountain.
This is to enable early detection in the event of an accident. Basically, if you enjoy hiking, make a habit of submitting it.
The link below is a climbing notification to be submitted to the Miyazaki Prefectural Police.

Mountain climbing notification

Do a proper check beforehand

If you let your guard down and enjoy activities because it is a “popular mountain” or “because the altitude is low”, it will lead to accidents.
Let’s enjoy the activity by checking the distance and difficulty of the course firmly in advance.

Outdoor activities can give you a variety of impressions in beautiful nature. However, there are various risks of accidents in nature.
We hope that you will always be safe and enjoy yourselves.

In the unlikely event of an accident, contact the police immediately. In such a case, it is important to be able to check the current position with a hiking app or the like.

Be safety

Be safety

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