Beautiful forest of Miyazaki


“Ego-no-hana” and Forest

Ego flowers(エゴの花) bloom in the valleys of Miyazaki Prefecture in mid-May.
Summer birds visit Miyazaki in this season.

Ego Flower "エゴの花"

Ego Flower “エゴの花”

Fly fishing in mid-May is the season when we can enjoy fishing while listening to the chirping of summer birds, and the ego flower tells us that.
It makes me very happy that flowers and wild birds tell us about the seasons.

“Ooruri” that come to Miyazaki in the summer

“Ooruri(オオルリ)” that come to Miyazaki in the summer

Knowing the season from the chirping of birds and flowers is not worth a penny, but I feel that it enriches our lives.
We believe that knowing and being moved by the forest enriches our lives. We hope that many people will be moved by the forest.

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Shogo Nakano

Shogo Nakano


Owner of outdoor store PORTAL in Miyazaki Prefecture. I spend 100-150 days a year enjoying various outdoor activities such as hiking, fly-fishing, and bird-watching in mountains and valleys.

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