Beautiful forest of Miyazaki


Abundant Shiratori Kyodo-no-mori Forest

There is a course where you can enjoy walking through beautiful virgin forests in the Kirishima Mountains, where many people walk in the mountains.

Abundant Shiratori Kyodo-no-mori Forest (アバンダントしらとり郷土の森)

The Abundant Shiratori Kyodo-no-mori Forest, which starts from Shiratori Onsen in Ebino City, is a course where you can walk slowly up the mountain without aiming for the peak.

hiking in the forest

hiking in the forest

It is a forest with a beautiful virgin forest that is hard to believe that it is an active volcanic zone, and it is the best hiking course to enjoy the beauty of the forest.
It’s a steady walking course, so you need a little physical strength, but it’s comfortable to walk while looking at the huge trees.

There are many big trees on the course

There are many big trees on the course

Various Attractives of the Kirishima mountain range

The Kirishima mountain range has several volcanoes that are still active and fumarolic. At the same time, there are also beautiful virgin forests.
When visiting this mountain range, you can enjoy different scenery depending on where you walk.

beautiful green valley

beautiful green valley

After being impressed by the power of the active volcano, I would like you to be impressed by the beautiful forest on another occasion.

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