Beautiful forest of Miyazaki


Japanese serow on the verge of extinction(ニホンカモシカ)

ニホンカモシカ displayed as Japanese Serow when searched. This animal, which exists in Miyazaki Prefecture, is said to be on the verge of extinction.
The top photo is a Japanese Serow that I met last year.

I was told by a researcher that there are about 200 of them inhabiting Kyushu. It seems that there are various factors such as an increase in deer and environmental changes in the forest.

I have been walking through the forests of Miyazaki Prefecture for over 15 years in search of this animal, which is like a guardian deity of the forest, but I met it for the first time last year.

Walking in the headwaters

I met a Japanese serow when I was fishing in the headwaters with a guide friend.

with a guide friend

with a guide friend

While enjoying fly-fishing, I went upstream in the valley and caught a beautiful Yamame trout, then met it on the way down the mountain.

Beautiful native yamame trout

Beautiful native yamame trout

After a severe typhoon

This valley is collapsing every year.  And Miyazaki Prefecture had a big typhoon last year, so I’m worried if I can go upstream this year.
Still, if I have the chance, I would like to visit this valley again and see the beautiful trout and scenery.

And I hope to meet the Japanese Serow again.

If you walk through the forests of Miyazaki Prefecture, you may come across a very rare Japanese serow there. Knowing that it is rare is something that increases the excitement when you come across it.

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Shogo Nakano

Shogo Nakano


Owner of outdoor store PORTAL in Miyazaki Prefecture. I spend 100-150 days a year enjoying various outdoor activities such as hiking, fly-fishing, and bird-watching in mountains and valleys.

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