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Shikagahara : Colony of “Miyama-kirishima”

This time, we will introduce “Shikagahara(鹿ヶ原)”, a famous flower spot in the Kirishima mountain range.
For those of us who enjoy hiking, one of the most important pieces of knowledge is when, where, and what kind of flowers bloom.

As the rainy season approaches, the flowers called “Miyama-Kirishima(ミヤマキリシマ)” reach their peak in the Kirishima mountain range. When Miyama Kirishima blooms, the surrounding area turns pink, making it very beautiful.

Miyama Kirishima on Mt. Ohata

Miyama Kirishima on Mt. Ohata

The photo above is one of Mt. Ohata in the Kirishima mountain range. The season when “Miyama-Kirishima” blooms is also the season when the Kirishima Mountain Range is crowded.

This time, we will introduce a course in “Shikagahara” where you can easily enjoy Miyama-Kirishima.

From Takachiho-gawara Visitor Center to Shikagahara

Shishigahara is a point near the Takachiho Kawara Visitor Center.

If the weather is clear, you can see Mt. Takachiho-no-mine(高千穂峰) and Miyama Kirishima together.



And since you can go out with simple equipment, it is also recommended for beginners of hiking.

There are risks such as getting lost in nature, so first-timers should accompany an experienced person.

This year’s photo of Shikagahara

Photo provided by customer

Photo provided by customer



The scenery that customers who like photos were pleased with.

If you visit Miyazaki Prefecture for sightseeing, whether you can enjoy flowers depends on the timing, but if you live in Miyazaki or Kyushu, I would be happy if you could enjoy various flowers along with hiking.

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