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Mt.Takachiho-no-mine : Takachiho-gawara cource

Mt. Takachiho-no-mine(高千穂峰) is a popular mountain in the Kirishima mountain range as well as Mt. Karakuni(韓国岳).
Mt.Takachiho-no-mine has four hiking trails in total, but this time we will introduce the most popular of them, the Takachiho-gawara trail.

Trailhead is Takachiho-gawara Visitor Center

The starting point of this course is the Takachiho-gawara Visitor Center, where there is a paid parking lot.
It is safe because the road is paved to the trailhead. Toilets are also installed at the trailhead.

Walk an active volcano

The Kirishima mountain range is an active volcanic area, and this course has few trees. There are many volcanic rocks on the trail, so slip-resistant shoes are recommended.

Volcanic mountain trail

Volcanic mountain trail

There is also an ancient crater on the route, and you will walk beside it. You can see this superb view in less than an hour from the trailhead.

It's called "Ohachi" in Japanese.

It’s called “Ohachi(お鉢)” in Japanese.

walk on ohachi

walk on ohachi

The surrounding view is the best because there are no trees.

great view

great view

Uphill all the way to the summit

Mt.Takachiho-no-mine is a triangular pyramid-shaped mountain, and it is an uphill all the way from the trailhead to the summit. The general course time is about 2 hours to climb. It is a mountain that even beginners can climb, but it may be a little tough for those who are usually lacking exercise.

Still, the summit offers a 360-degree view of the landscape, and is a place you should visit at least once if you are in Miyazaki.

View from the summit

View from the summit

An active volcano that can be enjoyed in 3-4 hours round trip.

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