Beautiful forest of Miyazaki


Fly fishing with a customer from Tokyo

This week I went fly fishing with a customer from Tokyo. This season there are many visitors from Tokyo, and I am happy to enjoy the forests of Miyazaki Prefecture with outsiders.

People who visit Miyazaki say, “There are few people and a lot of untouched nature.” That’s why you can enjoy fishing quietly in a beautiful valley. And in the bear-free area of Kyushu, you can safely enjoy trout fishing.
This time, the customer was accustomed to fishing, so he was free to enjoy fishing, and if necessary, we assisted him in going upstream with slings and ropes.

Beautiful morning valley and customers

Beautiful morning valley and customers

Fly fishing in Miyazaki

Fly fishing in Miyazaki

Because Miyazaki Prefecture is a minor place, there are few people and you can fully enjoy the untouched nature.
We still have guests coming from Tokyo this season, but it would be an honor if you could enjoy the quiet and beautiful mountainous area.

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Shogo Nakano

Shogo Nakano


Owner of outdoor store PORTAL in Miyazaki Prefecture. I spend 100-150 days a year enjoying various outdoor activities such as hiking, fly-fishing, and bird-watching in mountains and valleys.

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