Beautiful forest of Miyazaki


Mt.Sobo, the highest peak in Miyazaki

Mt. Sobo, located on the border of Miyazaki, Oita and Kumamoto Prefectures, is popular as the highest mountain in Miyazaki Prefecture. Since the walking time is a little long, it may be a little difficult for beginners.

This time, We will briefly introduce Mt. Sobo, which has multiple trailheads. We will also provide an overview of each course.

Kitadani trailhead and Obira trailhead

If you want to climb Mt. Sobo relatively easily, we recommend the course from the Kitadani trailhead, and if you want to walk while feeling the virgin forest, we recommend the Obira trailhead.

The course from the Obira starting point has a steep slope and a long walking distance, so it is not recommended for beginners.

Kitadani Trailhead

Obira Trailhead(Oita Prefecture)

West Japan’s largest virgin forest

The Sobo and Katamuki mountain range is known as one of the largest virgin forests in western Japan, and you can enjoy hiking while feeling the beautiful forest. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this virgin forest, we recommend the course from the Obira trailhead.

View from Obira trailhead

View from Obira trailhead

Hiking trail through a beautiful forest

Hiking trail through a beautiful forest

After walking through the forest, you will reach the ridgeline and enjoy a beautiful view.

view from the ridge

view from the ridge

If you can walk long distances, this is a spot you should definitely visit.

Kitadani trailhead is recommended for relatively beginners

The walking distance from the Kitadani trailhead is a little short, so it is easy to walk even for those who are worried about their physical strength.

Mt.Sobo in Winter

Mt.Sobo in Winter

We recommend that you ask a guide.

If you want to enjoy the nature of Miyazaki’s mountains, you should walk Mt. Sobo at least once. In order to prevent accidents, we recommend asking a guide or using a hiking app.
The northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture gets a lot of snow in the winter, so be sure to take precautions and enjoy yourself.

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