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Sunrise hike to Mt. Karakuni

Miyazaki Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean, and you may have an image of surfing there.The sunrise from the horizon is also wonderful, but the sunrise that illuminates the active volcano is also powerful and recommended.

We often enjoy the sunrise from Mt. Karakunidake. On this day, I hiked with a customer who climbed Mt. Karakuni for the first time.

wonderful moment

Karakuni-dake is a popular mountain for sunrise hiking. Arrive at the trailhead in about 1.5 hours using the highway from Miyazaki city. Crowded with people on weekends. It takes about 1.5 hours from the trailhead to the summit.

The sea of ​​clouds was a fantastic day…

Takachihomine floating like an island in the sea of ​​clouds

Takachihomine floating like an island in the sea of ​​clouds

When the sea of ​​clouds clears, the dynamic scenery of the active volcanic zone spreads out in front of you.
A mountain with volcanic smoke rises in front of you.

behind : Takachihomine / in front : Shinmoedake

Karakuni-dake where you can easily experience the dynamic scenery of an active volcanic zone is one of the recommended mountains. I hope you can also come across a wonderful scenery.


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Mayuko Takeda

I am a staff member of PORTAL, an outdoor shop in Miyazaki Prefecture. I enjoy hiking and fly fishing in beautiful forests.I hope you can also meet a wonderful scenery and a relaxing moment.

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