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Enjoy different seasons (Kirishima mountain range)

If you visit Miyazaki Prefecture in different seasons, we recommend hiking the same mountain in different seasons.

We often go hiking in the same mountains in different seasons. Because you can enjoy different scenery depending on the season. From mid-May to early June, the Kirishima mountain range is bustling with people as the Miyama Kirishima flowers are beautiful.(深山霧島)

Mt. Karakuni(韓国岳) and Miyama Kirishima(深山霧島)

At its peak, the mountain is covered with the pink color of Miyama Kirishima. There are other places where you can enjoy Miyama Kirishima in the Kirishima Mountains area.


In the fall and winter season, the brown world and the clear blue sky are beautiful.

January. 2023

The wild birds and plants that appear are different, and it’s the same mountain, but it’s like a different mountain.We also recommend this way of enjoying.

※The Kirishima mountain range has well-maintained mountain trails and is easy to walk. (However, when it snows in the middle of winter or when the road surface is frozen, you need to be careful to the trailhead. Please check the road information etc.)


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Mayuko Takeda

I am a staff member of PORTAL, an outdoor shop in Miyazaki Prefecture. I enjoy hiking and fly fishing in beautiful forests.I hope you can also meet a wonderful scenery and a relaxing moment.

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