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Customer’s Report : View of Miyama-Kirishima from Mt. Karakuni

As the rainy season approaches, Miyama-Kirishima(ミヤマキリシマ) will be in full bloom in the Kirishima mountain range.
Miyama-Kirishima is a popular flower from mid-May to early June that dyes the mountains pink.

This time, we received a report on Miyama-Kirishima from a good customer.

Miyama-Kirishima and Kirishima Mountains

Miyama-Kirishima and Kirishima Mountains

The photo above is the view from the summit of Mt. Karakuni.
It is a popular spot where even beginners can climb the mountain, where you can see the active volcano and flowers at the same time.

It usually takes less than 2 hours to reach the summit from the trailhead, but it is also recommended to take a leisurely walk while admiring the flowers.
It’s one of the easiest mountains to climb, so it’s recommended to bring lunch and take a break while admiring the scenery.

The owner recommends enjoying lunch with friends while admiring the fumarolic volcano and flowers.

Miyama-Kirishima and Onami Pond

Miyama-Kirishima and Onami Pond

If you enjoy hiking in Miyazaki Prefecture, it is a landscape that you want to be impressed by walking at least once.

Miyama-Kirishima is usually in full bloom from mid-May to early June.

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Shogo Nakano


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