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Bird watching in Kaeda Valley

This morning I went birdwatching to Kaeda Valley before work. Kaeda Valley is a place that can be reached in 30 minutes from the center of Miyazaki City, making it a perfect place for beginner hikers.

There are many wild birds along the valley, and migratory birds are coming from Southeast Asia in the current season. There was an interview with the Yomiuri Newspaper this time, and I walked through the valley with a newspaper reporter.

Originally, we were planning to go to the mountains, but due to the rain, we changed to an easy walking course. The Kaeda Valley is close to the city, making it an ideal course for enjoying nature on foot.
As summer is approaching, this season is perfect for birdwatching, and we enjoyed hiking while searching for wild birds.

Walking in the rain with a journalist

Walking in the rain with a journalist

Easy hiking trails can be enjoyed without worrying about rain. And we will try to shoot wild birds in the rain.
Listen carefully to the singing voices of wild birds and distinguish the voices of various wild birds.





Many people think of bird watching as a humble hobby, but quietly observing nature and searching for wild birds is extremely interesting.
I think it’s wonderful to feel the season with birds and be moved by their cute appearance.
Kaeda Valley is a place where you can easily enjoy such play.
If you walk through the valley, why not look for some wild birds?


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Shogo Nakano

Shogo Nakano


Owner of outdoor store PORTAL in Miyazaki Prefecture. I spend 100-150 days a year enjoying various outdoor activities such as hiking, fly-fishing, and bird-watching in mountains and valleys.

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